“We rise to the height of our angels, or we fall to the depths of our demons.”

That’s a quote from my dream. Seriously. If you don’t already know, I have crazy-epic-hollywood-worthy dreams. Like really crazy. I’m actually in the process of turning one into a book. It’s going to be awesome. I already have plans to pitch it to Netflix. But first I have to finish it… which is taking longer than I’d like.

Anyways, it’s been a minute. There’s a lot to cover, so stay with me.

I recently did an ancestry test through 23andMe, and the results were, uh, life altering. I’ve been told my entire life that Native American blood runs deep in my family. I’ve also been told my entire life that I look Asian (of various persuasions). But as it turns out, I’m a box of assorted crackers πŸ˜†.

That’s right, all white.

The cool part is nearly all my genetic ancestry is within the Viking circle β€” Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Ireland. That could explain my fascination with ancient Norse culture.

Shire Post Mint recently did another collaboration (this time with Coincide) to create the Natural Philosopher Coin Collection. And, of course, I backed it… because coins. I’m really excited about this batch.

Bob recently got in touch with his inner Myagi. I ordered a couple of Junk bands β€” Karate Kid and Captain America β€” and decided that Bob gets the Myagido band since he’s my sensei / coach / therapist.

We were a little concerned that our recently planted trees didn’t survive the Winter. But with the onset of Spring, we were pleasantly surprised to see them beginning to bud. Georgia (the peach tree) is looking especially pretty.

I’m getting better with my moon photography. I find that I can get clearer / sharper photos when the moon isn’t as full. More shadows equals more details.

I recently added two new pieces to my philosophical book shelves. The steampunk ‘Thinker’ lamp (who looks like he’s experiencing an existential crisis), and a bust of Marcus Aurelius… because Stoicism… and the Roman Empire.

And lastly, Shiloh (our Husky) turned 14 this past week. He’s getting old.

With that, I leave you with the shenanigans of the Fluffertons.

Until next time, β€˜ver heil ok sΓ¦l’.
αš’α›–αš± αšΊα›–α›α›š α›Ÿαš² α›Šα›‡α›š