November 11, 2022

It’s starting to feel…

a lot like awesome.

Or Christmas. Both work.

In preparation for the holidays, I ordered myself an ugly Christmas sweater. The only problem is it’s not ugly… it’s amazing.

Because it’s Cap.

And by Cap, I mean Captain America, not the stupid slang the young folk are muttering these days. **cue grumpy old man voice.

The sweater is part of my attempt to not be a grumpy introvert this season when there are a lot of people in my house.

Speaking of which, do you know what an introvert calls a large group of people? A “no“. Sometimes a “hell no“.

I’m mentally preparing myself for a “hell no” for my Campfire Queen because she loves people. Maybe that’ll be my gift to her. Not being grumpy.

But despite my intentions, there will need to be alcohol involved. It’s the only way I can function in a “hell no” without triggering my introvert-aversion. I call it my Super Social Serum. 😆

Ugly Christmas Sweater
Awesome Marvel Cup

I should be able to hide my consumption in my new Marvel tumbler my Campfire Queen got me. Just because she loves me. Also to keep me docile and more compliant to her social requests.

Hey, it works. The cup, I mean. And the alcohol.

If I’m lucky, the Heroes of Barcadia game I pledged to on Kickstarter might arrive in time to wrangle everyone in on my nerdiness.

Hey, if I have to compromise by letting them in my house, they have to compromise and participate in my nerdy games. It’s only fair.

Heroes of Barcadia

That should be fun. Like D&D with shots. What could go wrong?

With that, I leave you with cute photos of the Fluffertons. Enjoy.

Until next time, ‘ver heil ok sæl’.
ᚢᛖᚱ ᚺᛖᛁᛚ ᛟᚲ ᛊᛇᛚ