November 20, 2022

Single-handedly saving the world

This is definitely my favorite time of year. Not because of the holidays. Oh no, I’m not a fan of groups of people. It’s my favorite because of the weather. I love the cold.

Let me repeat… I love the cold.

I hate summer. Especially in Arkansas. The scorching sun. The humidity. The armies of bugs that want to feast upon my flesh. Not to mention the constant sweating leaves me marinating in my own juices all day. It’s just gross and uncomfortable.

But now it’s cold. And I love it. And I managed to get a really cool shot the other morning of the fog rolling in.

Last night, my Campfire Queen and I managed to go out on an actual date. We hung out with good friends, enjoyed drinks and Korean food at The Pointer Brewery, then we finished out the night at The Box Arcade (my wife’s idea, not mine… although I had no objections).

I played Captain America and the Avengers, and I single-handedly saved the world from Red Skull… with infinite continues, which came in handy because I kept getting killed.

And, I confess, I got my ass handed to me by my wife at Street Fighter. Not once, not twice… actually, I lost count after I started crying in shame.

On a completely separate note, I’ve been listening to a TON of awesomely epic music by Audiomachine and Ninja Tracks. They typically make music for movie trailers and soundtracks. You should check them out.

And lastly, the Fluffertons. While Koda is away visiting his mom, Hazel has taken to occupying his bed. He’s her human, and she misses him. So she messes up his bed in his absence.

Then there’s Shiloh who, for unknown reasons, has been jealous. I caught him lying on her bed that’s entirely too small for him, despite the fact the he has a giant plush pillow bed proportionate to his size.


Until next time, ‘ver heil ok sæl’.
ᚢᛖᚱ ᚺᛖᛁᛚ ᛟᚲ ᛊᛇᛚ